Event Details

Event Name : Europe Fancy
Duration : 2Days
Price : ₹1280
Start Date : 21 May 2017
End Date : 03 Jun 2017
Total Members : 7(Adult:5, Children:2)
Places Covered : Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece
Payment Status : Pending

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Tips Before Travel

Clone your Documents

Before traveling we take pictures/scan all our documents (passport, visas, driving license, bank cards). If something happens, we are covered.

Have a plan to get in and out!!!

Most of the big cities have public transport connecting the airport to the town. Search for it before travelling

Always have local cash

If you are travelling abroad, there are 90% of chances that you will have to exchange currency. Euros, Dollars, Pounds…

Customer Testimonials

S. Roobini

Enjoyed every day of the tour...very well organized and staff have always gone the extra mile to make thr trip confortable... thanks to Travels Jini!

Kodambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Arrangement & Helps

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